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Adding The Extra Degree

Welcome to 212 Partners, a Business Development Firm that helps businesses like yours achieve unique goals. Our expert professionals will partner with your business to deliver tailor-made practical solutions, fast. Since 2018, we’ve supported numerous clients - and we’re confident we’re the right Business Development Service for you.


Creative Solutions

212 Partners is a privately held company here in the heart of Downtown Orlando. Since we opened our doors, we have been focusing on business development and leading our clients into new markets and cities throughout the U.S. 
Our main goal as a company is to cross train individuals in order to have them highly skilled in the areas of Communication, Management and Human Resources. We believe in providing organic and performance based growth. 
We aim to provide the solution for our growing clientele base thought out this next year and to grow and expand into ten different markets throughout 2021.
We founded our firm based on the ideals of the 212 Mentality. At 212 degrees , water turns into steam and steam allows us to operate and powers machines that are used for productivity in day to day life. Our Firm is founded upon these credentials and we believe that once you find your extra degree, you too will be able to find something to enhance productivity in your career.  Are you ready for the extra degree?



We believe in partnerships through organic based growth within our firm. We aim to teach and direct individuals the skill sets needed in order to grow and expand their knowledge within the industry.


We believe in Integrity and Honesty. It is something we truly value within our firm. It is the basis for any great partnership and the key foundation for success.


We believe in teamwork through great relationships and mentorship. In order for us to achieve our goals, it is necessary for us to work together as a team to collaborate ideas and exchange views.


We believe in a diverse culture here at 212 Partners and having such as allowed us the opportunity to experience growth and develop and gain knowledge from others.


Proven Results


Account Management is the key basis for all our successful partnerships with clients. Through this, we are able to determine exactly what a businesses needs are and cater to them. We are able to identify the strong and weak points and help to aid them through a process that makes their business more financially resourceful and stable. We are able to learn what the client needs and maintain the relationship for a long lasting partnership.


Our expertise in Business Development is what makes us different and provides value in today's industry. Through this, we are able to maintain and generate more clients and maintain accounts that makes the partnership successful.
We aim to provide the our clients with fast growth and a long lasting clientele base.


We specialize in Market Research and Expansion. Through doing this, we are able to determine a viable market for a client as well as determine the projected outcome. Expansion and growth are a key part of the market research and have allowed us to grow into different markets outside of the Central Florida region.


Are you interested in making your mark? By joining our innovative team, you’ll have the opportunity to do exactly that. 212 Partners is at the forefront of the industry, and we are always looking for talented professionals as we continue to grow.

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Individuals with learn the key aspects in developing and maintaining client expectations and handling accounts on a daily basis. We will provide the training necessary in order for you to able to conduct presentations with clients. Our Sales Account Managers are responsible for the growth and development of clients and their accounts.


This is an Entry Level position that we are looking to fill that would development into a Management position. In this role, individuals will be trained and taught the key aspects of management in areas such as Sales, Brand Awareness, Client Aquisition and Retention, Human Resources and Administration.


Our internship program allows students to gain hands on experience for college credit. We provide the training necessary and interns can expect to learn the key foundation in Sales, Training, Team Management, Client Relations and Account Management.


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