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Creativity and Business

In the business world, people often separate creativity and business. In reality, one cannot survive without the other. In times of hardship, or when challenges arise, creativity is needed within business to solve the problems we did not see coming. Throughout our education, we are taught that there are two paths. We are taught that there are careers in STEM, and there are careers in music and art. Along with this, it is assumed that people taking the business route are more professional and profitable than people in the creative fields. This is simply not true.

In order to run a successful business creativity is necessary. In this article that outlines the five most important things you need to grow your business, a great example of creativity within business is given. The author talks about a business that sells art. The creative part comes quite easily to her. When it comes to planning and the business side of her shop, it does not come so easily. She explains how planning is one of the most important things you need to grow your business. In this example, we see how business and creativity need each other to thrive and in some ways are each other.

Here at 212 Partners, we believe creativity is very important especially when it comes to growth. When talking to clients, you will not always get someone who is interested in what you are saying or selling. This is where the creativity comes in. You have to think outside of the box when it comes to business. We want to stand out in the market and the only way to do so is with a creative and willing mindset.

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