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Our Team- Robert Jimenez

Robert Jimenez is a highy driven CEO with expertise in business to business consulting for Non-profits, Telecom, and major retail industries. Mr. Jimenez is also known as an entrepreneur, business consultant, and mentor. He started his career as an administrator for Dade-County Public Schools, then opened a facility for sports programs catering towards Charter/Public schools.

Some of Robert's strengths include business development, market research, relationship building, coaching, mentorship, and entrepreneurship. Robert is

a firm believer in meaningful leadership, consistent performance, and leading from the front while facilitating a culture of opportunity.

Career Highlights:

- Administrator of the Year : Miami-Dade Public Schools

- Founder : RJ Allstars (After-school/sports enrichment programs)

- Expansion of offices: Miami-Houston-Orlando

- Nationally Ranked : Various campaigns

- Top performance award for client acquisition

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